Publication highlights: publication highlights are rendered in a table. Vertical table borders were removed by changing settings in the _base.scss file border-left: none; and border-right: none;
and the table background was set to $background color

SEO: to exclude certain pages from search engines, I am doing two things

  1. Exclude from sitemap file (which helps google to crawl the page). This is done by setting sitemap: false in the YAML front matter
  2. Use the robots meta tag General information can be found here: The Jekyll solution I implemented is from this blog post: Briefly, this was added to the _includes/head.html file:

Then, the following tag is added to pages that you don’t want to appear in search engine results: robots: noindex This will lead to the following robots meta tag in the final html:

For now, I am excluding my CV and cooking page incl. all recipe posts from search engines.

Notes (from Jekyll website): Kramdown is the default Markdown renderer for Jekyll. By default, Jekyll uses the GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) processor for Kramdown.

Parsers that do not support tables without headers … GitHub Flavoured Markdown …

Parsers that do support tables without headers: … Kramdown: A parser in Ruby … … Pandoc …

Notes on tables:

  • kramdown supports tables without headers (which I like) and is used by jekyll.
  • tables in kramdown / jekyll require a preceeding empty line (this line doesn’t have to include a line break).
  • it seems that there is no way to make markdown previews in atom use kramdown. Thus, tables will not render properly here.
  • To get a better preview of tables, I usually add a line-break (2x space) after each row (however, this is not required to Jekyll).